Apr 2016

New Mexico dressage Association

Board Meeting

April 13, 2016

At PRE House, 115 Elm, Albq

Board Members present: Dawn Foster, Barbara burkhardt, John Collins, Winnie Fitch, Gina McKay*

Board members absent:  Harold Baskin, Cindy Kavan-Winfield, Nance McManus, Donald Simpson. Cindy and Nance both submitted proxy votes on topics to be voted on.

The meeting opened at 6:30 pm. (Action items are in bold.)

*Gina McKay was installed by vote as Youth Chair. (Reference By Law Art. VIII.1)

Donald Simpson was dismissed from the Board by vote because he has not paid 2016 dues. (Ref. By Law IV-5)

Officer Reports

Secretary: The Minutes of March 8, 2016 were accepted with minor corrections.

Treasurer:The financial sheets were discussed briefly. The CTF and BFRA schooling shows each had small profits. Dawn is pro-rating insurance, ribbons & some office supplies so there is an accurate picture of profit/loss at each show. There is a YTD Financial Report that can be published for the membership. The NM AG Office’s registration needs to be finalized by June 30.

Committee Reports

Membership: 132 paid memberships to date.

By Laws sub-committee report: Dawn: 3 people have sent in By Law suggestions. Proceeding is contingent on the results of the Financial Review. Need to discuss proposed changes/additions to By Laws at a Board Meeting before present to a General Membership Meeting.  Projected date of Gen. Member. Mtg possibly September.

Schooling ShowsBarbara will order more red (2nd place) ribbons. Nance submitted a show report for the April 2, 2016 show at BFRA and clinic April 3, 2016.Excerpts are: (see attachment for the full report.) The show was judged by a USEF“R” judge (Renee Johnson) and recognized by the Western Dressage Assn. of America (WDAA) The WDAA C2 Steward (same as Dressage TD) was Rusty Cook. The clinic had 5 riders: 4 Western and one classical. All the clinic riders said they learned a lot and were very glad they got to ride. The show and clinic combined had a profit of $364.04.

            We were able to use the PVC pipes that Winnie has generously donated to NMDA. Nance picked them up from Winnie on San Pedro, took them home to cut to 3 meters, and then took them to Barbara’s place. Barb and Nance took some time to unload the trailer completely and, after sweeping it out, sort out the not-so-great poles and re=pack the trailer with the better poles. 

         John proposed we only give out ribbons if attain a certain % score, or only if at least 3 in a class. Barbara suggested lumping all tests in a level-division together for placings.No resolution.

         Nance suggested (by email) that we move the closing date back to 10 days before the show, instead of 7 days. This would facilitate sending ride times out earlier. This can be decided by the event manager. This could be brought up at a Gen.Mbr Meeting.

Education: Cindy sent in a report on the May 6-9 Pilates Clinic:“13 rider slots [are] filled for Saturday (enough, but could possibly squeeze one or two more in). Bonus Monday slots [are] full – have waiting list of 2.  Have 3 mat class only slots, 1 pre-registered auditor. Could have up to 7 mat-class only added. Will send email blast later in month. Received a grant check from The Dressage Foundation for $450, the first payment. Can receive $150 more if needed. “

Western Dressage: Nance sent in her WD Chair report, see Attached.


Old Business

Youth vs. Junior classification at NMDA schooling shows: “Youth” is defined by USDF as “21 and under,” “Junior is 18 and under.” It was discussed that it does not seem fair that younger riders (the youngest we have so far competing is 11 yrs old) have to compete against young adults in the schooling shows. It was voted (5-0) to return to ‘Junior: 18 and under’ on the schooling show entry and schooling show awards. 19 and over must show (at SS) as adults. (USEF defines as “19 and over” as “Senior”).The SS Entry form needs to be changed to state: “Junior – 18 and under”.done

Continue Awards for Rated Shows?It was discussed andvoted  (4-2 + 1 abstain) to continue with the Rated Show Awards as they are at this time. To only recognize the NMDS shows (need to delete “Albuquerque” in the Standing Rule).

         It was discussed that Santa Fe and north members seldom come to our Y E Awards Banquet to pick up their awards. It was suggested that having the Banquet in the afternoon may solve that problem. This is another topic that could be discussed at a Gen. Membership Meeting.

The “Can only win Y.E. Championship at a level once” rule (S.R. art XII – Awards # 6): After much discussion a paper ballet vote was taken. Result 5-1 + 1 abstain) to keep the rule, however, it was suggested to put this on the agenda for a Gen Member Meeting.

Volunteer Liability forms: Dawn presented a form recommended by our insurance carrier that could be used to waive liability to volunteers at NMDA shows and events. It was discussed that this puts extra work on event managers and thisneeds further investigation. John will check N.M. liability laws for horse related activities.

NMDA Activity Income/Expense Summary: Dawn asked that each show/event manager fill this form out and give to Dawn on completion of the event.

Upper limit check to be written without Board Approval?Tabled

All reimbursements require original receiptstabled

Neither President nor Treasurer can write checks to themselvestabled

Nontaxable Certificates: At businesses we frequent we can use nontaxable certificates. Note where we do business (for instance food ) and tell Dawn.

Robin Kelly, a current member, is offering NMDA to become an affiliate. For every member who signs up for membership of The Digital Horse.com , NMDA gets a cut of from $1.99 to $19.99 (at no cost to NMDA).  Tabled

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm

Respectfully submitted by Barbara Burkhardt, Secretary




Schooling show report for 2nd April, 2016 at BFRA

Nance McManus, Manager


We started with 55 rides. Only a few riders scratched. I used one of those scratched slots for one of our new members that was schooling her horse. I suggested she use the court to get her mare used to events. That worked well. 

We were able to use the new PVC pipes that Winnie has generously donated to NMDA. I picked them up from Winnie on San Pedro, took them home to cut to 3 meters, and then took them to Barbara’s place. Barb and I took some time to unload the trailer completely and, after sweeping it out, sort out the not-so-great poles and re-pack the trailer with better poles. 

For our Western Dressage riders I e-mailed out a detailed description of accepted tack (provided by the WDAA), a link to the WDAA website, and the procedure when leaving the arena and for then seeing the C2. Our three new members thanked me for the effort and said they were glad to have received the e-mail.

For those of you that haven’t read the website for results here is what I posted:

The April schooling show and clinic was highlighted by being the first Western Dressage Association of America recognized show in New Mexico. New Mexico’s show is in the first ten in the US to be recognized. It was a treat to work with our professional judge and clinician Renee Johnson from California. The schooling show scheduled more than 50 rides and the clinic had been booked over a month ago. Thank you to Rusty Cook for being our required C2 for the day. It sure is nice to have a C2 locally for our shows.

Obviously none of this would happen without an experienced troop of reliable volunteers: Barbara Burkhardt, Cindy Kavan-Winfield, Roger Winfield, DJ Collins, and Winnie Fitch.

Cierra Kuiper super thanks for the extra mileage you drove to help get the show boxes TO our show and THEN to the next show site. Thanks too for being so flexible with running and back gate and whatever came up.

Ready-to-Roll food truck made GREAT food! Rumor is they will be at the Pilates Clinic too!

Congratulations to our 3 high score winners: Julie Wilson riding Western Dressage on Dunhollywoddstyle (71.486%) for Open high score, Leslie Carpenter riding Classical on Why Not Eddie (76.818%) for Amateur high score, and Elise Gardiner riding Classical on Kristen Valencia’s Ollie (69.937%) for Youth high score. They all received a gift certificate for a free class at any schooling show this year. 

A special hats-off to Barbara Burkhardt for her sponsorship for this show. Many thanks!

In a separate sheet I have laid out the income and expenses of the show. Bottom line is that we had income of $2540. Our expenses were $2175.96 for a profit of $364.04. That is before I have handed everything over to our treasurer. 

I have offered to help the next shows with scheduling however only if the postmark date could be the Wednesday a week before the show. I spoke with many riders that would appreciate having their ride times earlier. (I completely agree.) However we can’t get them out earlier if we are waiting for the post on Wednesday before the show. It appears to me that they are just waiting for a deadline……if it is Wednesday or Saturday it won’t really matter to getting in entries and we can get the ride information out earlier.

Clinic Report with Renee Johnson on 3rd of April, 2018 at BFRA

We started the day a half hour planned delay….planned on because our second rider had scratched. Renee and I had worked on a clinic that would be done in time for her to fly back to Fresno. That flight meant an early finish.

Although I had 5 people on the waiting list it still wasn’t enough. So the clinic was short by an hour. However, I think that it meant a most wonderful day of riding in a less pressured atmosphere.  

We had a few auditors that were also volunteers so there was no income from auditors. I invited Darby Cummings to come for nothing as her mare had severely injured herself and Darby was not able to ride the school or the clinic. She had been the first person to send in entry forms to both the schooling show and the clinic so I knew she wanted to be there. I was glad she could come. She mentioned she was glad to have been at the clinic too. 

I have heard back from a few of the riders (only one classical rider came to ride the clinic….all the rest were western riders) saying that they had learned a lot from Renee. I know I did and I was able to ride my young mare the next day and get the long awaited canter depart I was hoping for!

I have an informative handout that Renee brought that I will copy and mail to the clinic riders.




We had some new WD faces at the schooling show. 2 are NMDA members the third one not yet. I think the WD riders did a great job riding. I am sorry I didn’t get to ride for an “R” in Western Dressage. 

I have just sent out an e-mail to WD riders on my e-mail (not all are NMDA members) list asking for input on what they would like to do or what they would like to see us offer. Hopefully I will get some response so that we can concentrate on events that people would attend.

Already Ulla Hudson (who went to the first WDAA Train the Trainer® clinic) has written just now to let me know that she would be happy to be a clinician “with a strong focus on a correct seat”. I am thrilled. Ulla’s place might be a place we could work on riding tests on foot as well. I wonder how many people are a little nervous to ride with others however would like to have a gathering for information without a horse. That is part of what I am hoping to hear back about.

I have had about another 5 folks write back and I have asked them to help with specifics……not just let’s have a clinic. I will continue to sift through the ideas.

Thanks! Nance