New Mexico Dressage Association

Board Meeting

Dec. 8, 2015

Board Members Present: Cindy Kavan-Winfield, Cathy Soller, Barbara Burkhardt, Charlene Strickland, Cindy Begay, Anne Sparks, Virginia Gredell, Rachel  Chowanec,  John Collins

Board Members Absent: Marybeth Perez Soto, Donald Simpson

Guests: Dawn Foster, Rusty Cook, Nance McManus, Roger Winfield

See Election Results at end.

Officers' Reports

Secretary: Minutes from the October meeting were accepted. (There was no November meeting.)

Treasurer: Cindy B noted that electronic items are matched with the $5 online fee per transaction. We are collecting more than we’ve spent. The NM Secretary of State issue will transfer to the new treasurer. Financially. NMDA is still at a loss for the year. (Note: NMDA had 3 expensive clinics this yeart.)

Committee Reports

Schooling Shows: At the November show, 43 tests were ridden.

Recognized Shows: No report.

Membership: Virginia reported that since Dec. 1, 57 memberships have been submitted. She discussed the online membership payment. The secondary members do have USDF membership.
She added that she brought the GMO basket to the USDF convention.

Year-End Awards: The final standings are on the Web site. Dec 15 is the last date for any requests for changes. For 2015 NMDA has 6 champions and 2 reserves in schooling shows, and 12 champions and  5 reserves in recognized shows. Cathy earned the First Level amateur award. Rachel is trainer of the year. Cathy ordered and has received the awards.  The banquet waspreviously set for Jan. 9; the Board discussed moving the date to later, and voted for Jan. 23 with the location TBA.

Junior and Young Riders: No report.

Education: Rusty reported on the USDF convention, saying it was interesting, with lots of info passed out. The big controversy was about rotating the finals. 2016 and 2017 will be in Lexington, KY, making 5 years in a row in that location. A motion that passed was about Western regions needing to agree on a location. A venue requires a total of 18 rings, all without synthetic footing. Rusty noted that Dr. Clayton said in her presentation that synthetic footing is not that good for horses. Sand mix is better, because it allows foot to slide a little. The Western regions’ GMOs haven’t given up. Rusty reported on a discussion of possible locations, and plans under development. She also noted committee reports at the convention and good education sessions for USDF University credit. Next year the convention will be in St. Louis, MO.
Anne and Rusty attended Region 5 meetings. Anne noted members don’t get USDF communications that are sent to officers.

Anne brought up a point of order, distributing to the Board a list of 8 issues that described actions of Cindy K as President.  Anne called for the Board to vote to revoke the membership of Cindy K. The Board discussed at length the issues of concern and agreed to meet at a later date in closed session for a more extended discussion. The meeting will be Dec. 29, 6:30 PM, at the PRE Foundation office. Evidence related to the issues will be sent to all board members for review 24 hr before the meeting, on Dec. 28.

Publicity: No report.

Old Business

No report.

New Business

Files were transferred to the incoming Secretary and Treasurer.

Announcement of Next Meeting: DATE and PLACE TBA.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:10


Election Results:

(Nom. Comm: Virginia Gredell; Kathlene Martin; Kathleen Mueller)


Votes for the “Slate” (Cathy Soller – president; Anne Sparks – Vice President; Cynthia Begay – treasurer) = 25


Votes for:

               Cindy Kavan-Winfield for President = 60

               John Collins for Vice President = 59

               Barbara Burkhardt for Secretary = 40

               Dawn Foster for Secretary = 40

Write in votes for Treasurer:

               Cindy Begay = 16  (declined)

               Dawn Foster = 4 (Dawn declined Secretary (above) and accepted Treasurer

               Winnie Fitch = 1

               Maureen Baca = 1

Write in vote for Vice President:

               Anne Sparks = 1