Jan 5, 2016


New Mexico Dressage Association

Board Meeting

January 5, 2016 

Board Members present: Cindy Kavan-Winfield, Barbara burkhardt, Nance McManus, Dawn Foster (treasurer), John Collins. Board Members absent: Harold Baskin, Donald Simpson

Officer Reports

Nance McManus was appointed Western Dressage Chair, with the approval of the Elected Officers.

Secretary: The Minutes of December 8, 2015 were accepted with the following note: There was a $1,088.14 loss for the 2015 year. This was because of 2 large, expensive clinics.

Treasurer: Dawn Foster used Cindy Begay’s format for the Financial report. The loss of $1,088.14 for the 2015 year is justified by 3 clinics in the year. A 1099 is needed for Lisa Wilcox, John will try to get her address. There is still an outstanding check to Laurel Peters, Barbara will call her.  The secretary (Barbara) will hold the 2nd P.O. Box key. The post officer is in Placitas, box 971. Cindy will contact Donald Simpson about the $600 show sponsorship. Insurance expires January 18th – Nance will look into an alternative insurance co. $1364.79 for insurance last year. Directors insurance is a 3 year term, about $1000 per year. The Pilates Clinic last year shows a loss of $179. $110 of that should have been deducted from the Education Fund, leaving a $69 loss for the Pilates clinic. The Lisa Wilcox clinic had a loss of $3126.40.

Committee Reports:

 Schooling Show 2016 Schedule (by Cindy):

            March ..   CTF (date TBD)

            April 3 – BFRA

            ……        - Los Alamos And/orCaballos TBD

            May 7-8 – BFRA, Pilates Clinic

            June …   either Santa Fe or Bryan Farm (Stanley)

            July or August - …    Espanola ? (Barbara will manage if it’s at Espanola)

                        Espanola will be Aug 14

            Sept 24 – BFRA (Saturday)

            October …   - CTF (John will check date of Regionals & NMDS show)

Membership: (Cindy) 84 members to date. This includes 5 in question, 2 need to pay, 3 did not pay the $5 on-line fee. The glitch about the on-line fee has been fixed, the club will absorb the $15.  Barbara will mail out the books and welcome letters.

Awards: Barbara presented numbers of sch. Show entries 2013 thru 2015:  (these are “averages”) 2013: Eng = 37; WD = 5; total = 42

                     2014: Eng = 35; WD = 4; total = 39

                     2015: Eng = 27; WD = 10; total = 38

The 2 best venues (for number of entries) is Cherry Tree Farm and BFRA

Education: Cindy presented a list of possible clinics for 2016. (list attached)

Education Fund: Vouchers are in question. If vouchers were included in our application for non-profit (503c3) vouchers would be ok. We don’t know if included. Cindy and Dawn will research. We have $923.75 in the Education Fund. We CAN give “grants” (toward education). Suggest give $25 or $50 grants to NMDA clinic participants. Require 8 hours volunteering for a $25 grant. Limit cash in $25 per day at an event. NOT for show entries, not for Ride Re-ride ‘clinics’. Cap at $75 cash in (for the year).  The events that grants can be used is at the discretion of the Board.  Voted and passed. Board will discuss if Board Members can participate in the voucher program later.

Suggested a Carolyn Lindholm clinic: $300 a day plus transportation (airfare from Calif.) Possible Ride-Re-Ride clinic Saturday, regular clinic Sunday, possibly in September at BFRA. Dawn suggest perhaps having lecture type indoor clinics. Per a 2014 survey: Mbrs want seat/position typeclinics, 2nd Ride-Re-ride.

Juniors: Possible chairs: Emily Fitzgerald; Kristen Valencia. Cindy will contact. Possible meet and greet for juniors at Vista Sandia in January or February.

Western Dressage: (Nance) The Board discussed the “job description” and WD Year End Awards for inclusion in the Standing Rules. Nance emphasized it should not be “WD Division” but rather just “Western Dressage.” Western Dressage is a “standing committee” and a Board position (as of 8/4/15)

Banquet: (Jan 23). Cindy and John will meet with the caterer & pay the deposit for venue and caterer. Nance will put together a “power point” slide show and coordinate the DVD by Kathleen Martin (of Susan Reed’s century ride). John will get the prizes and ribbons from Cathy. Cindy will make plaques for Amy Glenn (Gold Medal winner) and Susan Reed (century ride). Nance has the Perpetual trophy. Cindy will get 3 $50 gift certificates from Dan’s and authorized to spend $300 on raffle prizes. Every paid guest will get one raffle ticket and additional raffle tickets will be sold at $5 each (funds go in the Ed. Fund). Maureen Mestas offered a donation.

Old Business: The Standing Rules were discussed briefly but it was decided to set up a separate meeting just to discuss the Schooling Show rules and Awards in the Standing Rules. Meeting at Cindy’s, Jan 7 at 11:00 am.


Meeting Adjourned 9:15 pm.

Special Meeting of the Board

Jan. 7, 2016

Present: Barbara Burkhardt, Nance McManus, Cindy K. Winfield, Dawn Foster, John Collins.

This was a meeting to work on the Standing Rules. The Awards and Schooling Show rules were gone over and updated.

2:00 to 4:00 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Burkhardt