July 2016

New Mexico Dressage Association

Board Meeting

July 14, 2016

At: PRE House, 115 Elm, Albq. 


(Note: Bold indicates “to-do” items.)


Board Members Present: Dawn Foster, Barbara Burkhardt, Winnie Fitch, John Collins, Nance McManus, Gina McKay.


Board Members Absent: Cindy Kavan-Winfield, Harold Baskin


The meeting opened at 6:30 pm.


Officer Reports:


Secretary: The Minutes of June 8, 2016 Board meeting, with changes incorporated, were accepted.


Treasurer: (see attachment: “Possible Engagement of a CPA ….” )  It was discussed and a motion made to institute formal Board review on a monthly or quarterly basis as recommended by both CPA and attorney. Motion: “Someone other than the Treasurer should review the Bank Statement.”  Passed 5-0.  Winnie Fitch was appointed as “Financial C.B. (Checks & Balances”) person to open and review the monthly bank statement.

          There was a profit of $62.71 for the Pilates “Bonus Day”.

          There was a profit of $235.68 for the June 12th Bryan Farm schooling show.

          Nance asked what each USDF Test Book costs. It’s $6.83 with shipping and handling, plus $.83 to mail to members.

          Dawn asked if, as a matter of policy, NMDA would like to cash the damage deposit checks for arena rental and then issue another check when the arena is returned undamaged or “hold and destroy” after affirming no damage.. Motion: “Hold the deposit check until the arena is returned. If there is no damage the check can either be returned or destroyed.” Passed 5-0. (Note: prices for replacement parts is in the Rental Contract.)

          AG Office registration amendment. The By-Laws needed to be signed by 2 officers per NM Statute. Cindy and Dawn signed and replaced current By-Laws on website with signed version.


Committee Reports:


Membership: Winnie reported there are now 138 members. Winnie will send Barbara the latest list. Note: In 2015 there were 153 members in July.


Western Dressage: (see attached)

          Nance mentioned she would like to have the State Fair WD show “recognized” for NMDA award scores, but the Standing Rule says we don’t recognize other organizations’ shows for scores.

          Nance asked if WD non-members of NMDA could pay a reduced “Non-member” fee at NMDA shows (say $10) if they belong to WDAA and/or USEF. This was discussed and tabled. It was also mentioned that maybe the fee for all non-members should be reduced to $10 and to “per event”, not per entry.It was decided to discuss this at another meeting.


Schooling Shows: Barbara reported that the July 10th Santa Fe show had to be cancelled due to insufficient entries. 17 rides were received, 2 of those scratched, leaving only 15 rides (+ one group rider). 20 test rides are required to “break even” at a schooling show. Barbara reported that possibly the two Rated shows in Santa Fe in July could be drawing the entries plus needing many volunteers. Barbara said the Santa Fe Rodeo grounds looked like a good venue to have dressage shows but perhaps next year we might consider a June date for a Santa Fe show so NMDS and SFDA riders might use it as a “prep” show.  Also might want to check prices at HIPPCO (Santa Fe Horse Park) because SFDA uses that venue.

          The August 14th Espanola show is on track.


Youth: Gina reported that some of the Youth members have mis-information in the Membership listing. It was discussed that the person filling out the membership form needs to write clearly and correctly.

          The June 18th Youth School Figure clinic had to be cancelled for lack of entries. It was suggested that clinics be open to Youth and Adults in the future.

          A Grooming clinic and a Desensitizing clinic with the Mounted Sheriff’s Posse may be held in the fall.


By-Laws Sub-committee: Dawn reported that the board would receive the proposed By-Laws changes “soon”.


Nominating Committee:  See By Laws Art. VIII: Cindy Kavan-Winfield has agreed to be Committee Chair (as Board representative, since she is not seeking re-election), withLily Luman and Karen Page members.


New Business:


“Unofficial” Lunch receipts: The policy is to pay for judge and all volunteer’s lunches at a show or event. An “unofficial” receipt for $65 for judge/ volunteer lunches from the Bryan Farm show was submitted and reimbursed. In the future add “food” to the Facility contract if the food will be provided by the venue. If a separate vender is contracted, submit the receipt from the vender.


Banquet: Dawn suggested we set up a committee to plan the 2016 Banquet. It was suggested the Banquet possibly be in the afternoon so Santa Fe members may possibly be more likely to attend. It was also suggested that the “Annual Membership Meeting” be at the Banquet. This will be further discussed in the future.


Schooling Show Ribbons: At the June meeting John suggested we only give blue ribbons if the score was say 60 % or better. Barbara suggested giving “percentage ribbons”, e.g. 65 % or better = blue; 60 to 64 % = red; 59 % or below yellow. It was decided to bring this topic up at the Gen. Membership Meeting.


Deductible Donations: Dawn asked that the following “blurb” be posted on the NMDA web site: “NMDA is an IRS 501c3 public charity. So, any contribution, show/educational activity sponsorship, or material donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Your contribution/sponsorship allows NMDA to keep entry/participation costs for educational activities and shows lower for members and the general public… all in the name of learning more about dressage! Thank you!”Dawn will send this to Haroldafter including language that informs potential donors to send cash donations to NMDA, P.O. Box 971, Placitas, NM 87043.


Donations:Dawn will make a generic receipt (or use the “donation letter”) to give to donors for non-cash donations. Donations can be made any time, including with/on the NMDA Membership form. Cash donations should be sent to the P.O. Box.


Nance McManus resigned as Western Dressage chair. She said she would be happy to continue to work on activity promoting for NMDA as well as information/photos for the WD page for the website. She said she would continue to be an ambassador for western dressage with NMDA as well as a volunteer with the Association.


The meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.


Respectfully submitted

Barbara Burkhardt




Possible Engagement of a CPA …

2016 NMDA YTD Financial Rpt (6/30/16)

July 2016 W.D. Report