Nov 2016

New Mexico Dressage Association

Board Meeting

November 9, 2016

At the PRE House, 115 Elm, Albuquerque

(Note: Bold indicates “to-do” items.)

Board Members present: Barbara Burkhardt, Cindy Kavan-Winfield, Dawn Foster, John Collins, Winnie Fitch.

Board Members absent: Harold Baskin, Gina McKay

Guests: Susan Reed, Teresa Heine.

The meeting opened at 6:45 pm.

Officer Reports:

Secretary:Motion to accept the October Minutes with changes (i.e. typo’s to be corrected), seconded and accepted.

Treasurer:  The October Financial spreadsheet (YTD – through 10/31/16 – attached) reconciled with MyBank statement by Winnie, were approved. Notable items: The $50 overpayment for renting the arena was issued to State Fair. (State Fair had issued a check for $150, rental of arena is $100.)

Committee Reports:

Membership: USDF provided a “Roster” of renewing 2017 members. Because the roster can only be marked “yes” (renew) or “no” (do not renew), and there are several people that need corrections (with no way to correct the roster), Winnie will send 2017 members in the usual way.

Schooling Shows: The Cherry Tree Farm show had to be re-scheduled for November 13 because of rain. Originally 51 rides were received, due to some conflicts, there were 33 rides in the re-scheduled show. Also the judge and scribe had to be replaced. November 13th was beautiful weather and enjoyed by all there. Paul’s Veterinary Supply donated small prizes for 1st place winners.

The Albuquerque Equestrian Cup (AEC) was a demo type schooling show. There were 5 riders that rode 2 tests each. The scores will count toward NMDA Awards. AEC donated 8 blue ribbons, NMDA donated 1 red ribbon and the test sheets. Cost to NMDA $11.50.

Election and restated Bylaws vote: The votes for Officers and acceptance of the “restated Bylaws” is due November 22, 2016.  Fourteen ballots have been received so far.


Old Business:

Revised Standing Rules and the NMDA Volunteers Opportunies “Wishlist” (draft sent to the BoD via email on 9/21/16) were tabled.

Banquet: There will be 6 Champions and 3 Reserve Champions this year. About ½ of them are from out-of-town. Suggestions for Awards are Saddle pads with “bling”; Tote bags; helmet Carriers.  Winnie made the motion to budget $600 for Awards, embroidery, ribbons, and raffle items. Seconded and passed 4-1. John will purchase the Awards.

Last year there were about 30-35 attendees, we expect about the same number for the 2016 Banquet. Last year (actually Jan. 2016) expenses were: $1100 awards; Venue $300; Caterer $1161.80 and insurance $75.

It was agreed we should consider having a General Membership Meeting at the Banquet as well as some sort of entertainment. Winnie will try to get an Olympic video and Teresa Heine will research “belly dancers” or something similar.

The Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Barbara Burkhardt, Secretary.


YTD Financials (10/31/16)


NMDA Planning Meeting

November 16, 2016

At the PRE House, 115 Elm , Albuquerque


Present: Winnie Fitch, Susan Reed, Teresa Heine, Barbara Burkhardt, Dawn Foster, Cindy Kavan-Winfield, John Collins

The meeting was called to order at approximately 6:30 pm

Dates and locations of 2017 shows-events were discussed. Here is the 2017 tentative schedule:

March …    Caballo, possibly a duel show with Paso del Norte Dressage GMO.

    Contact Sandy Welsh (was Perez)

April 16?     Bosque farms Rodeo Arena, Bosque Farms

May 5 ?       Dennison Park (so. Coors, Albq) Contact:

                     OR: Cherry Tree Farm, (Albq) Contact John & DJ Collins

June 4 or 18      Bryan Farm, Stanley. Contact Lori Bryan

(July               No Sch Shows in July. There are probably 2 Rated shows in Santa Fe in July.

August ….     Roy-el Morgan Farm, Espanola. Contact ErleneSmythe

(Sept 11 – Monday – State Fair will probably rent NMDA arena for Western Dressage.)

                       Contact: Nance McManus

Sept ….         Possibly Los Alamos, contact: Laura Kober

(Oct 22 ??      Possibly AlbqEquest. Cup at Expo N.M.. NMDA probably does not want to do.)

Oct 22 ?        Cherry Tree Farm, Albq. Contact John & DJ Collins


……..            Ride Re-Ride clinic? Possibly at BFRA in April? (show Sat. clinic Sunday? – or       Lecture on Friday and clinic on Saturday.

Sept or Oct ??    Bill McMullin clinic – (Dawn Foster will try for a Dressage Foundation grant)

…….  ?         Pilates (probably in fall). Cindy K.W. will work on this. Possibly at BFRA.

……..  ?        Youth based informal clinics: Braiding, spook clinic, etc.

……..   ?       Wendy Wilkins would like to bring in Hilary Clayton for a talk.

-        - - - -

Also discussed was the Senior Olympics (in 2019), possibly having a “dry run” to work out logistics.