Oct 2016

New Mexico Dressage Association

Board Meeting

October 12, 2016

At PRE House, 115 Elm, Albuquerque, 2nd Draft

(Note: Bold indicates “to-do” items.)

Board Members present: Barbara Burkhardt, Dawn Foster, Cindy Kavan-Winfield, Winnie Fitch, John Collins, Gina McKay.

Board members absent: Harold Baskin

Guests: Susan Reed, Teresa Heine

The meeting opened at 6:30 pm

Officer Reports:

Secretary: Motion to accept the August 2016 minutes with changes. Seconded and accepted.

Treasurer: The September Financial spreadsheets (including YTD – through 9/30/16 – attached) reconciled with MyBank statement by Winnie, were approved. Notable items: Lunch at Bosque Farms Rodeo Arena (BFRA) for judge & volunteers: $127.50 – approved by Board.  There was profit of $751.28 at the Los Alamos Schooling Show and $135.96 profit at the BFRA Schooling Show. Board approved reimbursing Barbara for purchase of ribbons. ($75.35)

At the upcoming Albq. Equestrian Cup (AEC) event: Entry fees go to AEC, arena use will be free; AEC will donate 8 blue ribbons, and NMDA will donate rest of ribbons. (See more below.)

Dawn assembled an Activity Financial Report with profit/loss of this year’s clinics and Schooling shows. This can be used at the Nov 16th “Planning Meeting”. Barbara will compile a listing of the number of entries per 2016 shows.(Done)

Committee Reports:

Membership: Winnie reported there are still 138 members. Memberships received after October 1st will go to 2017 memberships. The first Roster of 2017 members and payment is due to USDF postmarked no later than Dec 1st.

Schooling Shows: Cindy reported that both Los Alamos and Bosque Farms Rodeo Arena shows had beautiful weather and ample volunteers. Kay Coen will donate an adding machine to NMDA. John reported that everything is a “go” for the Cherry Tree Farm (CTF) show November 6, 2016. There will be gift certificates for Hi Points donated by CTF.

Barbara (Sec.) was given the folder of 2016 volunteers. These will be used for verifying “Mini Grants” application, and for insurance coverage purposes.

Youth: Gina is planning several clinics for 2017. Probably a grooming clinic, braiding clinic, school figures clinic and maybe a “spook proof” clinic with the Albuquerque Mounted Police. Clinics will be open to Youth and adults.

By-Laws Sub-Committee Report:  Sept 30 General Membership (GM) Meeting:  13 members of the Association gathered to discuss the proposed restated By-laws; Member comments were generally positive/supportive toward the draft restated By-laws sent to the General Membership on Aug 30.

Sept. 30, after the GM meeting there was a Board Meeting: After brief discussion of the attending Member comments and 2 motions, the Board approved the restated By-laws as sent to the General Membership on Aug 30, with one wording change to Article VII – BOARD COMMITTEES language. (See Membership Meeting and Board approved9/30 Board Meeting Minutes and votes on the web site). Further the board agreed that the final, Board approved restated By-laws should be sent to the General Membership for an “all or nothing” vote, with the Election/Membership information for cost-savings purposes. Dawn will send the Board approved restated By-laws to Harold Baskin to post on the website prior to sending to the General Membership for voting. (done). Cindy to include a line to accept/reject the restated By-laws in the Election/membership mailing in November.

Dawn also submitted a “By-laws Memorandum (attached) which is a listing of “Annual Board Obligations”, and other important reference information for current or future Board Members. This will be filed in the Secretary’s Book.

Old Business:

Alb. Equestrian Cup Show October 23rd: (Also see above with Treasurer’s report). Cindy is doing the scheduling. She has received 3 entries so far. The show is limited to 10 riders, 2 tests each. Musical freestyle, costume and demos are welcomed.  The question of liability was brought up. Winnie will email the Equestrian Cup contact person and get in writing who is liable. (done)

Schooling Show Ribbon Proposals: After discussion of Percent Ribbons vs. Qualifying Scores the Motion was made: “Accept the Qualifying Score proposal as written, starting in 2017.” Seconded and passed: 5-1.

To be added to Standing Rules (by Barbara): “Schooling Show (SS) Ribbons: In Open and Adult Amateur (A/A) classes of only one entry, a first place ribbon will only be given if the rider has a score equal to or better than the USDF ‘Qualifying Scores’ (score required to qualify to enter Regional Championship classes). These scores will also apply to Western Dressage (WD) and Introductory classes. In Schooling Show classes of 2 or more entries and Junior (JR) classes, all riders will receive the usual place ribbons.

USDF minimum qualifying scores:

                            Open         A/A

Training L.          68%         63%

First L                  66%        62%

Second L.             64%        61%

Third L.                62%        60%

Fourth L.              62%        60%

(all) FEI classes    60%        60%


New Business:

Revised Standing Rules:The Standing Rules must be revised after passage of restated By-laws. Dawn has typed up the Standing Rules after deleting whatever went into the restated By-laws and vice versa. Barbara will add those Standing Rules which have been approved by the Board this year and the Board will review for approval.  Board approval will be required if and when the restated By-laws are approved by the General Membership.

2016 Banquet: Barbara pointed out that there are very few people qualified to receive Year End Awards with only 2 Schooling Shows to go. There are Champion& Reserves for:

·       Western Dressage – Open;

·        Rated Show Second Level A/A and

·       Rated Show FEI-A/A. (At FEI-A/A the same person is winning Champion& Reserve with different horses).

 So there are presently 6 people eligible to receive Year End Awards in January – 5 of the 6 are from Santa Fe or beyond and may not attend the Banquet. There are no Schooling Show (SS) riders qualified to win SS awards at this time. There are 4 SS riders who need 1 more test 3 (or test 4 Western Dressage) and 8 Rated show riders that need 1 more judgeto be eligible to receive a Year End Award. Barbara suggested we should have entertainment or some other activity at the Banquet. Dawn reminded that we could have a Membership Meeting at the Banquet.Another idea was a lecturer on some relevant topic.This should be discussed at the next Board Meeting.

The Meeting was adjourned at 7:55.

Respectfully submitted by Barbara Burkhardt, Secretary.


YTD Financials (9/30/16)

By-laws Memorandum