Sept 2016

New Mexico Dressage Association

Board Meeting

September 14, 2016

At PRE House, 115 Elm, Albuquerque

(Note: Bold indicates “to-do” items.)


Board Members present: Barbara Burkhardt, Winnie Fitch, Dawn Foster, Cindy Kavan-Winfield, John Collins.

Board Members Absent: Harold Baskin, Gina McKay

Guests: Ann Bresson, Susan Reed.

The meeting opened at 6:30 pm.

Officer Reports:

Secretary:  Motion to accept the August 2016 minutes with changes, including that Ricki Swink is our USDF GMO Representative to this year’s USDF Convention. Presented, seconded and passed 5-0.

Treasurer: The August Financial spreadsheet (YTD – through 8/31/16 – attached) – reconciled with 8/31/16 MyBank on-line statement – notable items: Attorney’s fee paid: $214.63 (which includes the NM GRT), rather than $200 approved by Board, and Espanola SS made $169.

Financials C&B review by Board Member Winnie fitch. Motion to accept the Financials as reported – presented, seconded and passed 5-0.

Committee Reports:

Membership: No new members since last meeting.

Schooling Shows: (SS) Cindy reported that the Espanola show was a success. Next SS is Los Alamos, followed by Bosque Farms. At BFRA Ann Bresson will scribe, Winnie will score, Lisa Manzanares will either run or do gate. A second office person is needed.

ByLaws Sub-Committee Report: The “Restated By-Laws and Summary document were mailed out to the General Membership on August 30th, and an email blast sent and posted on Website. The General Membership meeting is set for Friday, Sept 30 at 6:30 pm at the Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center. If enough time remains after this meeting (or another date TBD, if not) the Board will vote on the final version of the Restated By-Laws which will be presented to the Membership for a vote.

Barbara brought up the concern that under the Board Composition it would probably be better to title the present “Standing Committee Chairs” as “Directors.” This is because all “Committees” need two Board members.

          NMDA’s outside attorney, who reviewed the proposed By-Laws changes, strongly suggested that a Board approved General Membership proxy form be drafted for use. The form (attached) was discussed.  John made the motion “to approve the GM proxy form as presented and put the Form in the web site for future use. Dawn 2nd and passed 5-0.

Old Business:

Schooling Show (SS) Ribbons:  (selected ribbon proposal, if approved, would begin in 2017). There were two new proposed systems of awarding schooling show ribbons discussed: One is giving everyone a ribbon based on their percent score received: blue 65% or better; red 60 to 64.99 %; and Yellow 59.99 % and below. The other system is as follows: in Open and A/A classes of only one entry, a first place ribbon will only be given if the rider has a score equal or better than the USDF qualifying score to enter Regional Championship classes.  In SS classes of two or more entries and JR classes, all riders will receive place ribbons with no minimum requirement. The “qualifying score” method will be tried at the BFRA show (Sept 24th) along side the current system and Winnie will report back to the Board at our October meeting. (See attached: “Awards-Ribbons” proposals)

         A text message had been received by Cindy from Gina McKay paraphrasing James Riedeman (a past member and local Instructor) whom Gina McKay asked for opinions (especially relative to Juniors) on various topics:  James likes the % ribbons but would suggest using USDF qualifying scores. A decision on proposed change to SS ribbons was tabled until after the trial at the upcoming BFRA SS.

2016 Member Appreciation & Awards Banquet: The banquet will be Saturday, January 21st at the Kirtland VA Center on Louisiana.  The center is reserved from 6 to 10 pm. Dawn gave John a $200 check for the hall deposit.

Y.E. Awards Discussion: (proposal to begin with 2017 award year): It was discussed whether it should be a requirement to accrue volunteer hours in order to receive Y.E. Awards. Volunteering can be more than just Schooling Shows. Motion: “A minimum of 8 hours of documented volunteering over the year is required to receive a Y.E. Award.” Presented, seconded and passed 4-1.  (This will be added to the Standing Rules after changes to the By Laws are amended.)

Recognized (Rated) Show Y.E. Awards: (proposal to begin with 2017 award year): Motion: “No longer give Y.E. Awards for Rated Shows.” Presented, seconded and passed 4-1.  (This will be added to the Standing Rules after By Laws are amended.)

Require test score submittal by member to Awards Chair to qualify for Y.E. Awards: (proposal to begin with 2017 Award year.) Dawn had previously sent around a sample form for self-submittal of test scores and volunteer hours from a previous GMO. The email received from James Riedeman (see above) said he likes self-submitted scores. Susan Reed (member and meeting guest) also liked the idea of self-submittal. Motion: “Three scores (2 from the highest test of the level) must be submitted by the member to the Awards Chairperson to receive a Y.E. Award.” Presented, seconded and passed: 3-2.  (This will be added to the Standing Rules after the By Laws are amended.)

New Business:

2017 Planning Meeting: The Nominated Officers (for 2017) and existing (2016) Board will have a 2017 planning meeting November 16th at the PRE House. (The regular Board meeting is Nov 9th).

 Donation to Rocky Mountain Dressage Society (RMDS) for dinner at Regional Championship show: Motion “Donate $100 to RMDS for Regional Championship dinner” Presented, seconded and passed 4-1. Dawn will send $100 check to RMDS. (Done 9/19/16)

Albuquerque Equestrian Cup:  Cindy reported on plans for the October 23 Equestrian Cup at Expo. There will be a small Schooling Show (20 rides + demo riders). NMDA gets no money – all entry fees go to the Equestrian Cup. John wrote a description of Dressage history for their program. There will be a link on our web site for the entry form.  (Done)

The meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Barbara Burkhardt, Secretary.


YTD Financials (8/31/16)

Board approved General Member Proxy Form

Awards-Ribbons Proposals