Pictures from the April 21, 2013 schooling Show

Heather Caudette on Bella

James Riedeman on Saaed with owner Mark Evanko

Tapainga Wells on Little Miss Muffet

Emily Fitzgerald on Merlin

Karen Nord on Celestino

Susan Reed on Rain Forseyn

Jacque Asher on Marya

Kathleen Martin on May

MaryBeth Perez Soto on Nico

Desiree Wells on Rachel's Apple

Kristen Clegg on Laddies Prospect

Edison Cooper on I'm a Lovin Spoonful

Cynthia Begay on Shaddow in the Mist

John Collins on Lady in Black

Lily Luman on Chance

Michelle DeCanditis on Carmelita

Naomi Loeppky on Drake

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