Pictures from July 12 Schooling Show

Office Volunteers at work (left to right) Tyrna Wilde, Lisa Darling and Rena Haynes

George Davis working with Tryna Wilde

At the judges stand with volunteeers Sue Ann Kirkby, Maria Davis and the judge, Barbara Burkhardt

Katherine Pettus on Zecret Agent - High Point Winner for Training Open (a bit blurry, but you can see the beautiful indoor arena from here!)

Nice Frame! (Unknown horese and rider....if you know who this is let us know!)

The grooming area at Luna Rosa - nice facility!

Jose Perez-Soto on Valentino -
High Point Second Level Adult

Nice straight entrance!!

Renee Sharpneck on Summer talking with Maria Davis

Someone getting a bath...or both?

Luna Rosa NMDA Schooling Show – Thank you Volunteers!!

Here’s special thanks to everyone who assisted us to make the July 12th schooling show at the Luna Rosa equestrian Center and great success. There were 46 rides and 2 flat classes (equitation and suitability). The facility was spacious with lots of warm up and pens for those who needed them. The management even made some stalls available for horses to get out of the hot sun. The covered arena had wonderful footing for our full-size dressage arena. The management, especially Stacey and Adam, was very helpful and gracious. We look forward to holding more shows and events at Luna Rosa!

Thanks to our judge, Barbara Burkhardt and to all those who helped out with the office, runners, gate keepers, ring stewards, and the arena set up team: George Davis, Tryna Ssavedra Wilde, SueAnn Kirkby, Suellen Nolan, Debbie Romney, DJ Collins, Hillary Underwood, Randi Phillips, Denai Meyer, Kathy Richkind, Joost Lammers, and Lisa Darling. It might be of interest to the membership that the volunteers represent riders from four different dressage barns with a spirit of cooperation was prevalent and present at the show.

Rena Haynes and Maria Davis, Show Managers

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