Introductory A
1st 66.563% Paddy/Denai Forrest
2nd 56.563% Miss Priss/Kathy Mueller
3rd 54.375% Dawn's Surprise/Maribeth Reising
Introductory B
1st 71.563% Paddy/Denai Forrest
2nd 55.625% Miss Priss/Kathy Mueller
3rd 53.438% Dawn's Surprise/Maribeth Reising
4th 45.313% Jiminy Cricket/Valerie Simpson
Introductory C
1st 53.5% Jiminy Cricket/Valerie Simpson
Training 1 Open
1st 71.042% Red Adair/Kathrin Hain
2nd 57.917% Rachel's Apple/Desiree Wells
Training 1 A/A
1st 62.292% Gloriana/Catherine Conran
2nd 60.625% Chance/Lily Luman
Training 2 A/A
1st 65.714% Twelfth Life/Mary Jastrzemski
2nd 62.679% BAJusta May Lady/Kathleen Martin
3rd 61.7865 Gloriana/Catherine Conran
Training 2 Open
1st 65.893% Rachel's Apple/Desiree Wells
2nd 64.821% Luma/Michelle DeCanditus
Training 3 A/A
1st 61.6% Twelfth Life/Mary Jastrzemski
2nd 60.4% Puck/Rena Haynes
3rd 56.4% BAJusta May Lady/Kathy Martin
Training 3 Open
1st 64.000% Rachel's Apple/Desiree Wells
2nd 61.800% Luma/Michelle DeCanditus
3rd 60.000% Nico/Marybeth PerezSoto
4 Year Old Test
1st 7.96 Quazam/Kathrin Hain
First Level Test 1 A/A
1st 69.310% Capt Nemo/Olga Sacasa
First Level Test 1 Open
1st 62.586% Celestino/Karen Nord
First level Test 2 A/A
1st 66.757% Capt Nemo/Olga Sacasa
2nd 63.243% Allie/Leslie Apfel
First Level Test 3 A/A
1st 66.452% Capt Nemo/Olga Sacasa
2nd 61.290% Bask Dark Shadow/Cynthia Ramsey
First Level Freestyle
1st 61.116% Shadow In The Mist/Cynthia Begay
2nd level Test 1 A/A
1st 58.714% Bask Dark Shadow/Cynthia Ramsey
2nd Level Test 2 Open
1st 65.65% Quazam/Kathrin Hain
2nd Level Test 3 A/A
1st 55.595% Shadow In The Mist/Cynthia Begay
4th Level Test 1 Open
1st 59.571% Hessel fan't Haskerfjild/JL PerezSoto
Intermediare II Open
1st 60.263% Luther/Amy Glenn

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