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Western Dressage Representative:
Nance McManus

      WDAA World Show 2017

      A grand time was had at the Western Dressage World Championships in Guthrie, Oklahoma at the Lazy E. I am happy to report that there was more than one rider from New Mexico!

      Here is the most interesting news from the show: to win at Level 2 you still needed a 70+%!! Many of the people that are judging WD not only have an "R" in WD but also in Dressage and licensed with the USEF. So don't think that getting a 70% is easier in WD. The competition is getting deeper and I, for one, will be getting to as many schooling shows that I can in 2018.

      Sheza Hot Pistola, Nance Mc Manus' bay mare known as Jolie, received her "Register of Merit" having achieved 35 points riding in WDAA recognized shows. In fact there are 4 horses in the top 70 WDAA Life Time points from New Mexico. I think this reflects how riding with NMDA has helped us all with our dressage/training.

      Congratulations to Erlene's student Ashley Wallace for winning the WD Hack class and also showing in Level 1. Nance Mc Manus showed Level 2.

      Not that the New Mexico State Fair is an approved NMDA show, however, virtually all of the riders were members of NMDA and did a great job for the Western Dressage day!

      We are so good at having a good time AND showing our horses that our judge from the Enchanted Dressage show earlier this year came all the way from Tucson to show with us! Eleanor Stine-Masek brought her husband and their quarter horses to New Mexico to garner WDAA points. She is a USDF Gold Medalist as well as a USEF licensed judge. It was great to have an Arizona contingent here in Albuquerque.

      We need all the entries we can get because the State Fair will just not invite us back if the entries don't warrant our having a show. Thanks to Teresa Heine for stepping up and riding a borrowed horse especially since we had some scratches. Teresa did a great job marking in the 70s!!

      Cindy Kavan-Winfield helped us out again by reading tests. This was a big help for the audience that had not seen western dressage before.

      Also a thank you to Barbara Burkhardt, Cindy, Roger Winfield, Teresa, and Nance Mc Manus for setting up the court the evening before and especially to Barbara for coming back early on the Monday before we all showed to make sure the court was in good measure.

      It's a lot of work to get a show up and running and ALL of your help is most appreciated!!


      The new WDAA Western Dressage tests are out!
      Here is the link to the tests

      These are watermarked to use in training. If you are going to run a show there is another link for the judge's tests on the WDAA website. The USEF still, as of today the 2nd of January, has the old tests up. Also, if you want to buy the books here is the link for that.

      Please remember to send in your NMDA memberships. If you plan on showing for the year you will save a LOT of money on entries. It's a good deal!



      WDAA World Championship Show 2016

      Back from the WDAA World Championship show! This year, 2016, it moved from Tulsa to the Lazy E in Guthrie and also is a month earlier. How wonderful it was to take a horse that wasn't anywhere near as furred up as in November!

      I looked at the photo of the Lazy E complex and figured out I should take my bicycle. It is a LONG way from the barns to the show arenas. The main arena floor is 440 feet-by-160 feet, making it the largest indoor rodeo arena in the world. Both 60x20 courts were set up with the space at the bottom for warm up being larger than the Bosque Farms Rodeo Arena!

      Those of us riding Intro and Basic, as well as the rail classes, rode in the covered arena. It was lovely and almost like riding in Hyde Park with all of the trees and green and water....and Canada Geese flying over at dawn and dusk.

      Although the stalls are only 10x10 they have dirt floors and there is plenty of grazing. It was very nice just to take a chair out on to the grass and let Jolie graze.

      Jolie and I were asked to help with filming the new tests for the WDAA (yes just like the USDF does) so we got there on Tuesday. We rode 3 Intro tests on the Wednesday.

      Then on Thursday we rode in walk/trot suitability. They combined amateur and open riders to make a class of 11. The judge was an "R" from Canada and she used us 3rd. It was a good way to get into that arena to get a better warm up for the tests coming up .

      8 of us then rode Equitation, again walk/trot, working the rail first and then a small pattern. Do you think I need to tell anyone that it was only "walk/trot" when I say "Reserve World Champion in Equitation"? I am not going to mention the details....I am thrilled needless to say!

      Jolie and I rode Intro 1, 3, and 4. Intro 1 on the Friday we marked THE lowest score that I have ever ridden....even lower than the first time I rode and had 2 errors. What I couldn't believe was that I had to show to this same judge on Sunday.

      The show committee had not realized that when they hired the 2 "r" judges that those judges are only allowed to judge up to 1st level so they couldn't swap out the 2 "R" judges in the other arena. Next year the WDAA is planning on offering all 4 tests from all 5 levels. When I talked with the main show organizer from the board she asked if I therefore wanted four judges. OH YES PLEASE!!!

      We rode test 3 and marked a 66.25% and I was feeling better.

      After test 3 I did get a friend from Canada to watch me ride on a bareback pad and see if he could help with his eyes to see what was going on. He thought that I was leaving Jolie's butt trailing behind. We practiced for about 40 minutes, worked on bend too, and obviously made some good changes. We rode test 4 (yep to the first judge) and marked a 72.24%. (The 72 got us a 6th place....first was a75.5%.)

      We ended up 9th (out of 33) overall in Intro level. I am very pleased. I am mostly thrilled that Jolie turned out to be a great horse to take to the show (her first time to a big show....and I think on shavings since she was born!). We traveled for over a week and she was always ready to ride, show, or graze. I especially thank her for staying so clean in that stall.

      Next year I am hoping to take Tiger and show in Level 2. This year there were only 3 in the level and they combine the Jr. riders in it. So hopefully we have a good chance of making top 10!

      That means heading to the schooling shows. YAHOO!! I love having the opportunity to show more and at different places. It has been great for my horses....thanks NMDA.

      NMDA memberships are due the 1st of December. It's the best way to stay in touch and not miss a chance to learn and enjoy our horses!

      Cheers, Nance

      You can see all of the green in the background.
      The audience is where the photo is taken....
      they are above us by about 2 feet and down the long side.

Sandy P. Welch at 4 Winds Equestrian Center in Estancia, NM July 2016

Many thanks to Teresa Heine for coming to the afternoon sessions with her camera!

Karen and Barney with ZuluatA

Nance and Tiger trying to get shoulder-in

Sandy answerinng questions from the crowd

Water break

NMDA Western Dressage Policy
  • All riders must wear a helmet at NMDA schooling shows and events while mounted.
  • The Western Dressage Association of America (WDAA) tests will be used. These tests can be found on www.USEF.org, OR www.WesternDressageAssociation.org.
  • Western riders may enter Equitation and Suitability classes.

Western Dressage Association of America

Western Dressage Association of New Mexico