1.    Entry Form – complete & pay attention to closing date; exhibitors are urged to send in entries PRIOR TO closing date.

2.   Warm-up arena

·       do not stand on rail to fix stirrups or watch other riders or for any other reason; give way to riders working their horses;

·       horse in higher gait has priority for the rail;

·       control children & dogs for safety issues;

·       pass Left shoulder to Left shoulder;

·       be considerate & polite to other riders

·       longe horses in area where there are no riders.

3.   Presentation & Attire

·  Workmanlike dress, you are representing the sport to spectators.  If spectators see a sweaty/overworked horse, or sloppy attire, they get a bad impression of our sport.  We are trying to promote ourselves as a “kind” discipline; See rules for appropriate dress: DR 120 in USEF Rulebook;

·   Clean saddle pad of conservative color;

·   braiding optional for schooling shows, but “expected” for recognized shows

·   white britches required for recognized shows; white or discreet colors for schooling shows;

·   helmet required at all shows when mounted;

·  white gloves expected at recognized shows; dark colors okay for recognized or schooling shows;

·  tall boots or paddock boots with half chaps (through 1st level) allowed for schooling or recognized shows;

·  be at In-Gate 1-2 minutes before your ride time.

4.   In the Arena

·  Keep In-Gate Clear for riders to come in & out; do not congregate around in-gate;

·  go around outside of arena if possible in any gait you choose prior to whistle from judge;

·   wait for whistle/bell before entering at A; you then have 45 seconds to enter;

·  after final salute (read rulebook for proper salute), walk forward a few steps before turning around to exit at A; you need to leave arena mounted at a walk;

·   rules regarding illegal equipment, unauthorized assistance, 3 errors of course, late entry to arena, and horse exiting arena with all four feet, prolonged resistance, and other ways to eliminate yourself are listed in the USEF rulebook DR124;

·  a person can read the test for a competitor and must stand at E or B, & can only read what is printed on test.

5.   After Your Ride   - After you have finished your ride, your bit will be checked by the in-gate person if you are at a recognized show; you may pick up your test scoresheet from the show office with your ribbon/prize at the conclusion of your class.  All scores from the class are posted outside the show office.  Remember to thank all volunteers and show staff.


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