June 2016

New Mexico Dressage Association

Board Meeting

June 8, 2016

At: PRE House, 115 Elm, Albq. 

(Note: Bold indicates ‘to-do’ items.)

Board Members Present: Cindy Kavan-Winfield, Dawn Foster, Barbara Burkhardt, Winnie Fitch, John Collins

Board Members absent: Nance McManus, Gina McKay, Harold Baskin.

The meeting opened at 6:25 pm.

Officer Reports:

Secretary: The Minutes of May 11, 2016 with corrections incorporated, were accepted.

Treasurer: The Pilates/Bonus Day” clinic currently shows profit of $337.54. This is before possibly being required to return a portion of the Dressage Foundation (TDF) grant monies for the Pilates clinic portion. Cindy will check this.

     The “NMDA Customary & Usual Expenditures List” was reviewed and commented on. Changes will be incorporated by Dawn. (done).  This list will go into the Standing Rules. (Motion to accept with changes passed 5-0) The final list (attached) will be put in the Standing Rules by Barbara. (done)

    Discussion and then motion to attach the Y.T.D Financial Report to the minutes each month. Voted and passed (5-0). (See attached.)

A “Donation letter” was reviewed and commented upon and approvedby vote (5-0).

      The “Facility Contract” was reviewed and commented on.  Dawn will update the form. (done)

      Engagement of a CPA and/or tax attorney, as appropriate – Status update:

·       Mtg 6/14/16with Ollie Waters (CPA familiar with 501c3, of Moye, Waters & Associate, forpossible periodic services to NMDA.

·       Mtg with Allegra Hanson, (Attorney familiar with 501c3) and recommended by Taminy Marshall, scheduled for Wed. June 29.

·       These mtgswill include discussion of Education Fund vouchers/mini-grants.

Committee Reports:

Membership: Winnie reported there are 135 paid members.

By-Laws Sub-committee: Dawn – Status update: Progress ongoing, planning on providing proposed By-Law changes to Board by July 15th.

Schooling Shows: Cindy reported there are 31 rides in the June 12 SS. The July 10 SS in Santa Festill needs a firm contract with the Indian Nation.Julie Wilson is the manager, Barbara will be Entry Secretary and help Julie out with details and arena set up. Julie is donating hotel expense for the judge (Laurel Peters from Durango.) The August 14 SS at Espanola will have Barbara as judge and Cindy as Mgr and entry secretary. Local “L” judges were not available for that date. Cindy will update the calendar about the August show officials.

      Barbara mentioned that the SS Entry form says: “Youth 18 and under – A/A over 19”  A/A should say” 19 and over”. Cindy will send the pdf file to Barbara to correct. (Barbara could not update the form, Cindy correct the age.)

Youth: Cindy and John reported for Gina: There will be a “Show Grooming & Braiding Clinic” July 19 at Cherry Tree Farm. John will put it on the calendar.

Old Business:

Volunteer Form: Cindy and Dawn presented a “Volunteer Liability Form” (attached). This was recommended for use by our insurance co. The N.M. Equine Liability law covers horse-related injuries, but unless each venue has personal liability insurance coverage, non-horse related injuries may not be covered by the venue owner’s insurance. Each show manager can write in the names of known volunteers ahead of time and have them sign the waiver as they arrive. Juniors require an individual release form signed by a parent or guardian.

Digital Horse Affiliate: Cindy has requested more information from Robin and is awaiting a response. To date the Board does not have enough information to make a decision on this.

Hall of Fame page: The Awards chairperson needs previous award winner information (starting in 2015) to determine eligible members because rider/horse combinations can only win a Y.E. level once. There was a discussion of whether to put on the web or not. Motion to put as much historic award winner information as can be readily obtained on a web page, passed 4-1.Barbara will contact Harold about this.

New Business:

USDF Delegate: (The convention is in St. Louis this year.) Cindy will put out an email blast to see if a member wants to represent NMDA at the Convention. If there is more than one interested member, the Board will decide who will be our delegate.

NMDA Fee Review:  As required by the By-Laws (Article IV.#6), Dawn presented a list of NMDA fees for review and approval. Most of these are in the Standing Rules (attached). The list was approved by the Board (5-0)

Nominating Committee: Cindy volunteered to be the Board member on the 2017 Nominating Committee since she is not seeking re-election. Approved by the Board (5-0).

Schooling Show Standing Rules: Cindy suggested that the current SR XIIIstatement “The show will be run in accordance with current USEF rules …” needs clarification. She said we do not follow USEF rules 100 %. Barbara will review the Standing Rule and propose suggested wording to the Board at a later date for update.As a “temporary fix” the wording “run in accordance with some of the USEF rules will be inserted in the current Standing Rule. Barbara will update the Standing Rules with other changes that have been voted on this year.(done)

Volunteer Award: Winnie suggested an award for a “Volunteer of the Year” in honor of Ethel Ortenburger (a past member of Southwestern Dressage Assn. and many times volunteer.) The Board was in agreement with this concept. Winnie will work on a proposal for this award and present suggestions to the Board at a later date.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Barbara Burkhardt, Secretary

Attach: 5/31/16 Y.T.D. Financials

            NMDA Board Approved Customary & Usual Costs