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Pictures from the Pilates for Dressage® Clinic
with Janice Dulak
June 20 - 22

Michelle DeCanditis & Carmalita

Julie Wilkowski & Fab

Virginia Gredell & Mariposa

Karen page, Janice & Fin

Anne Sparks, Janice & Pik L

Lily Luman & Chance

Anne Sparks & Pik L

Mary Jastrzemski, Janice & Darla

Mary Jastrzemski & Darla

Tina Gilmore & Louie

Cindy Kavan-Winfiled & Luma

Emily Fitzgerald & Raven

Olga Sacasa & Nemo

Elizabeth Unger

From left to right (starting in the back) - Karen P., Kevin V., Susanne B., Kim F., Cynthia R., Julie W., Eliza S., Virginia G., Michelle D., Mary J., (middle row) - Libby H., Cindy K., Janice D., Cathy M., Emily F., Elizabeth U., (front row) - Judy H., Olga S., Lily L., Ann B., Tina G., Anne S.

Janice instructing

Focused students!

Janice showing them how it's done!

Mat work is over, whew!

Auditing (from left to right) Libby H., Karen P. Olga S., Susanne B., Janice D., Eliza S, Barbara B., Cathy M.