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Pictures from the June 2 Schooling Show
Cherry Tree Farm

Rachel's Apple and Little Miss Muffet waiting by the trailer

Bella with Heather Gaudette

Tapainga Wells with top scores for Intro A & B Jr

Chance waiting for his mom, Lily Luman

Devon Moore on Shastas Glory checking with gate keeper, Cindy Ramsay

Kathleen Martin and BevAnn's Justa May Lady

Merel Hancock riding Luna

Elizabeth Hopkins on Opus

Denai Forrest getting Paddy ready for his ride

Safire waiting for his mom, Beverly Klemme

Spectators watching the morning rides

Western Dressage riders, Michelle Decanditis on Caramelita, Karen Page on Elans Smarty, and Jodi Vertz on Leos Bit of Luck with FEI rider Amy Glenn on Luther