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Pictures from the March 26, 2017 Combined Schooling Show
Enchanted Horse Dressage
Caballo, New Mexico

Teresa Heine & Willie Jo Hunter

Teresa Heine & Clyde's Bailey Jo

Taylor Randall & SER Heavens Apollo

Staci Avendano & Sparky

Sibley Brawley & Chewy

Sandy & Everydays Valentines

Sandy & Beauty of Red Rock

Sandra Welch & Quail Roberts

Sandra Welch & Beauty of Red Rock

Nance Mcmanus & Tiger

Nance Mcmanus & Tiger (2)

Lisa Parshall & B Lookin Super Inferno

Lisa Murphy & Valentines Lady

Laura Farmer & Roanly Little Cricket

Arden Evans & Indie

Connie French & Ben

Deb Draluk & Ya'at' eeh

Debby Henderson & Day-Z (2)

Debby Henderson & Day-Z

Debra Estes & La Nacallita

Esterly Flores & Haerfanas Milagra

Jane Kinceniuk & Invisibly Painted

Joyce Getrost & Roxey

Julie Wilson & Dunnhollywoddstyle

Kari Kitterman & L.M. Starry Nite

Kay Coen & Von Remenics Athena

Kit Tielker & Shes My Hobby

Dressage Court at EHD