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The activities for 2017 are posted on the Calendar & Schooling Show pages

    President's Message for February

    Happy February, all! I'm sure you have noticed the days are getting longer. Yay! Now if we could just have daytime temperatures somewhere above freezing! All the riders I know, dressage and otherwise, are just fretting to get back to work. Fitness first, then get on up the training scale. Soon.

    John (Collins) and Cindy (Cavan-Winfield) organized a very pleasant evening of desserts and awards on January 21st. Schooling show awards went to Katija Blass, Training Level Junior Champion and to Heather Gaudette, 1st Level Junior Champion. Teresa Heine won the 1st Level, AA, award, as well as the SueAnn Kirkby Memorial Traveling Trophy for the highest scores at 1st Level, AA. Julie Wilson was Champion in Western Dressage, with Reserve Champion going to Barbara Burkhardt.

    Rated show awards went to Nancy Perkins, Champion at 2nd Level, AA. Reserve Champion honors at 2nd Level, AA, went to Shawn Tomason. Heather Brady was both Champion and Reserve Champion at FEI, AA. Different horses, of course.

    As Immediate Past President, Cindy acknowledged her previous board members present. Then I introduced the 2017 board members who attended. Winnie Fitch is continuing as Membership Chair from last year, as is Gina McKay as Youth Chair. Karen Page is taking on the Treasurer's position. We still are in need of a Secretary, though Dawn Foster has agreed to fill in temporarily.

    Cindy Cavan-Winfield was presented with a crystal horse image as a thank you for her three years of service as president of NMDA. Thank you, Cindy!

    Congratulations to everyone!

    This coming year will be one of learning and fun. Youth Chair Gina McKay has several cool activities for juniors planned. Teresa Heine, as Schooling Show Chair, has a calendar full of schooling show dates. Really, how many of us have had the opportunity to show in front of an "S" judge? Teresa has arranged for that to occur. Check the calendar for more information. Nance McManus has agreed to be our contact person for Western Dressage again this year. Contact her via her web address on the Board of Directors page and she'll share her enthusiasm. She has a link to the new Western Dressage tests, too.

    NMD member Kathleen Martin is bringing Beth Baumert for four days of clinics in May. People who rode with Beth Baumert in past years cannot say enough positive things about how much their positions and control improved after working with her. Check the calendar to find out how you can participate.

    My questions for you are these: what would you like to learn this year? What have you always wanted to try? What are you curious about? What issues or problems with your riding or your horse perplex you? Let me, or any board member, know, and we'll see if we can find an answer together.

    So, here's to the coming of a year of learning and levity. Good riding to you all!

    Susan Reed,
    2017 NMDA President

    New Mexico Dressage Association is a nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of New Mexico. NMDA is also a Group Member Organization of USDF. The organization's purpose is to promote the understanding of dressage and to develop skill and excellence in its use, as well as to encourage, promote and conduct exhibitions, shows, clinics and other events by which interested people may develop their potential as riders and train their horses to the extent of their capabilities. Privileges of membership include but are not limited to participation in the organization's activities and receiving the Test Book. Members also become group members of USDF.

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    For all other contribution types, please contact the NMDA President. Thank you!

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