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General Membership Meeting March 21
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    President's Message for February

    Hi Everyone,

    Looks like things are drying out and we can all get back to riding. There are a lot of activities with NMDA this Spring!

    The NMDA Member Appreciation and Awards Banquet that was held on January 24 was a lot of fun! We presented awards to the 2014 year-end winners of NMDA Schooling and NMDS Rated Shows. We also announced and presented awards to the winners of the NMDA photo contest. An auction was held for a breeding to the winner's choice of a magnificent Horses Unlimited stallion, and the raffle prizes were drawn andawarded. We hope to have a slide presentation of the Photo Contest winners and more photos of the banquet participants on the website soon. Keep checking!

    By now you should have received the e-mail blast about the test error in your 2015 Dressage Test Booklet. Basically you just need to write a "2" into the coefficient column of Second Level, Test 2, movement #10. Since this is the first printing of the 2015 test booklet it is understandable there will be errors. The tests published on the USEF website are all correct, this error only appears in the test booklets.

    Make sure you mark your calendar for the annual General Membership Meeting on March 21 at Horses Unlimited. We will be serving pizza and the 2015 USDF DVDs "On the Levels" will be running for you to view. We will also have a short business meeting where we'd like to get your input on how much support NMDA should offer to the Western Dressage Community and whether or not NMDA should have a Western Dressage Division as part of our club. If you are for or against these issues, you need to be there. More info to come!

    At the Feb. 3 Board Meeting, we appointed Nance McMannus as a nonvoting ad hoc Chair to Western Dressage. Nance is working on some proposals regarding Western Dressage as it relates to NMDA. We are considering adding a Western Dressage Division but want to get member input first. Those proposals will be sent out via e-mail to members prior to the March 21 General Membership Meeting for you to look over.

    Since the Photo Contest was such a big hit we are going to continue it for this upcoming year! So keep taking those pictures. There will be more info about this on the website soon.

    Education is a huge part of NMDA. We are still working on our clinic/seminar calendar. As of now, the Pilates for Dressage® May 2-3 is a definite go. We are still trying to work out dates for a "New Test Seminar" and an additional riding clinic. With so much going on, not only locally but nationally as well, available dates are hard to come by! It is hard to find a date that works for us AND busy clinicians. But we will!

    Here is some great news! We were awarded another Violet Hopkins Grant from The Dressage Foundation for the Pilates Clinic! This allows us to keep participant fees affordable. Please consider supporting The Dressage Foundation when making donations.

    See you all soon!


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New Mexico Dressage Association is a nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of New Mexico. NMDA is also a Group Member Organization of USDF. The organization's purpose is to promote the understanding of dressage and to develop skill and excellence in its use, as well as to encourage, promote and conduct exhibitions, shows, clinics and other events by which interested people may develop their potential as riders and train their horses to the extent of their capabilities. Privileges of membership include but are not limited to participation in the organization's activities and receiving the Test Book. Members also become group members of USDF.

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