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    Ride/Re-Ride Clinic on October 21 has been cancelled due to low number of entries
    Dressage Riding Clinic and lecture/potluck will go on as scheduled

    President's Message for October

    Greetings, all,

    The NMDA competition year is winding down, but there are still several opportunities for improvement, as you are probably aware.

    Locally we have the Bill McMullin clinics on October 21-23, followed by Cynthia Collins' freestyle clinics October 27-29. If you have the mind (and the means) to travel, Arizona Dressage has Janet Foy in Scottsdale October 14th and 15th. That same weekend, Debbie McDonald is in Tucson, presenting "Through the Levels." Check the Calendar page for particulars. Really, Arizona isn't that far away. If you haven't tried quadrille riding, check out Drill Team Riding at Journey Horse. Quadrille riding is a kick. Try it. It's on the Calendar, too.

    If you have been hoping to garner one of our End-of-the Year Awards, and you need one or two more scores, you can use the first Ride score from the Ride-Reride clinic and a score from the last show at Cherry Tree. Remember, too, that you must have logged some volunteer hours, too.

    You all should have received the e-mail blast from Kathleen regarding the meeting October 4th to revisit some of the Standing Rules. If you have opinions or concerns, please come, or at very least, let one of your board members know.

    As some of you may know, my oldest friend in New Mexico, sweet Jamaica Rain, had to be put down September 13th. She's the one with whom I did my Century Ride a couple of falls ago. I bred her, and had her her whole life, except for a year or so when she was leased to Ann Bresson and lived at Cherry Tree Farm. 35 years is a long friendship. Her absence put me off balance for some time, though I'm getting back to stasis .

    I've been thinking about balance a lot lately - all kinds of balance. Jamaica's granddaughter, Mariah Rain, is struggling to find her balance at a canter. When we ride, I work hard to keep myself very balanced in the middle of her, to help as much as I can. You're aware, I'm sure, when your partner is round and balanced under you. Such a good feeling.

    There's another aspect of balance that we all deal with; balancing work, family, horse time, house and barn cleaning, social contacts, and on and on. Let me disabuse you of any notion that retirement equals leisure. Not a chance. I'm still working to balance all those aspects.

    I think it all comes down to prioritizing all those demands. And, the first priority is YOU. Some people meditate, do yoga, dance, pray, journal, walk, paint. If you aren't balanced internally, you can't give your best to your family or your horse partner. You know how your horse senses how you're feeling: upset, sick, ecstatic, whatever. When you are focused and at peace internally, your partner will know and respond accordingly. OK, the sermon is over, but I hope you will take some of it to heart. Be good to yourselves, so that you can be good to those you care about.

    Enjoy beautiful fall in New Mexico.

    Susan Reed,
    2017 NMDA President

        NMDA's Year-End Awards program is changing - here's how!    

      • Year-End Awards for NMDA-sponsored Schooling Shows/Ride Re-Ride clinic scores only - no more Awards for Recognized Shows - sorry
      • Voluntary, Member-initiated Award submittal process
      • 8-hour volunteer requirement - go here for tons of volunteer opportunities!
      • Just two quick forms to be filled out - available on the NMDA website for downloading
      • Don't forget to make sure you get the judge's signature on your test cover sheet! Copies of test cover sheets must accompany your Award submittal!
      • Send Awards submittal "package" to NMDA Awards Coordinator (noted on forms) - must be postmarked by Nov 15
      • Starting in 2017, it's a surprise!! No more web posting of standings - Year-End Awards will be announced at Annual Awards Banquet!
      • See new Standing Rules for more details!

    New Mexico Dressage Association is a nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of New Mexico. NMDA is also a Group Member Organization of USDF. The organization's purpose is to promote the understanding of dressage and to develop skill and excellence in its use, as well as to encourage, promote and conduct exhibitions, shows, clinics and other events by which interested people may develop their potential as riders and train their horses to the extent of their capabilities. Privileges of membership include but are not limited to participation in the organization's activities and receiving the Test Book. Members also become group members of USDF.

    NMDA Forms

    NMDA is now an IRS 501(c)(3) public charity! So any contribution - cash/check, show/educational activity sponsorship, or material donation - is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law! Your contribution/sponsorship allows NMDA to keep entry/participation costs for educational activities and shows lower for members and the general public....all in the name of learning more about dressage! Please send monetary donations to

    PO Box 68035
    Alb., NM 87193

    For all other contribution types, please contact the NMDA President. Thank you!

    NMDA Education Fund "Mini" Grant Application is now available. These small grants are easy to apply for, open to any age of member or nonmember, and can be applied towards NMDA educational events.
    The requirements are an interest in furthering dressage education with NMDA, a certain amount of volunteer hours, and submittal of application. Grants are good for 2 years. Click below for application & more information.

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